Local News for the pulse of your area; National News for the pulse of the United States; Global News for the pulse of the world.

Stay informed via news TV, newspapers and reliable Internet sources.  On all levels, across all sources, and world-wide if you desire to be educated and informed on current real-time events, the trusted sources of the past; local newspapers, TV stations, and major media outlets remain an important to the spread of accurate newsworthy stories and events. 

While these traditional media companies report across all mediums: TV, newspaper, radio and Internet, the Internet has many additional reliable sources including the new wave of reporting using immediate real-time distribution by anyone via Twitter, Facebook and other social media.  With the widespread adoption of these social media platforms, anyone with reasonable technology, a smart phone, is able to provide live, real-time insight to situations via text, audio or video.

With this proliferation of reporting by anyone, information is widespread and fast, thus it is important to verify the deluge of immediately available quips and claims.  The smart phone and its real-time video capabilities have the spread of reporting growing ever so more immediate and verified.  In fact, anyone with a smart phone can essentially “report” and “broadcast” what they experience and if picked up by an audience can immediately become news. 

Stay informed on all levels to be universally knowledgeable, get your information from reliable and reputable sources, and avoid the Fake News trap. With social media distribution, it creates a new layer of self-accountability in ones actions as people can record anything and with that comes self-accountability to verify accuracy as well of what you view. 

We are in an unprecedented time for news and reporting.  The Internet and social media have enabled the definition of “reporter” and “news” to become much more broad.  Also news has become immediate with absolutely no time lag.  And yet, it is important to note that the traditional media sources provide a great resource still through TV, newspaper, and radio as well as Internet.